Tattoo Removal

Tatto Removal
Trained by the elite PhiAcademy in PhiRemoval, we provide a minimally invasive solution for those wanting to rid themselves of either body or cosmetic tattoos.
Topical anesthetic is applied to the skin before beginning the procedure. Using a very fine needle, the uppermost layer of the skin is opened up and a special compound is applied. This compound is rubbed into the skin and quickly begins to lift the unwanted tattoo pigment up and out of the skin. The removal process does not end at the end of the session. In the following days and weeks, scabs will form which should not be picked at. As the scabs fall off by themselves, the pigment will fall out as well.
Total procedure time: Varies; 1-2 hours/session
No. of sessions: Depending on the age and depth of the tattoo, 3-6 sessions may be needed
Best suited for: Any one wanting to remove a tattoo

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