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Scalp Micropigmentation

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Scalp micropigmentation, also known as a hair tattoo, is a non-surgical solution to hair loss. Pigment is strategically placed on the scalp to simulate the appearance of hair follicles.

Scalp micropigmentation offers a quick and long term solution for bald spots, thinning hair and receding hairlines. Upon request, this hair loss solution can also be done to cover scars on the scalp that resulted from either an accident or unsuccessful hair transplant procedures.

Services We Offer

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo that aims to conceal areas on the head with thinning or no hair. It is ideal for both men and women who want the appearance of hair but do not want to go through the invasive surgical procedure of hair implants.

Tatto Removal

Tattoo Removal

Trained by the elite PhiAcademy in PhiRemoval, we provide a minimally invasive solution for those wanting to rid themselves of either body or cosmetic tattoos.

Eyebrow PMU

Eyebrow PMU

Microblading is one of the hottest trends in the cosmetic industry today. For those looking to enhance their natural brows or who have little to no hair due to excessive tweezing or health conditions, this procedure is ideal and can achieve beautiful, full and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

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Nicole Medero | Miami, FL

“The location is extremely welcoming and clean. John is very punctual as well as attentive. He walks you through the entire process and ensures your comfort throughout the procedure. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get this service done.”

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Alfredo Nunez | Miami, FL

“My only regret is not having This procedure done earlier. John is an amazing person and easy to work with. He’ll answered any question and do whatever you ask him to do. Amazing experience”

c.dang client
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C. Dang | Miami, FL
“I highly recommend his service. He was very thorough and made sure you get what you want. I am happy with the results 100%”

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